How to lead with vision and values

Cómo liderar con visión y valores

Did you ever wonder if the people you're guiding trust you a lot? Beyond any other skill you can cultivate, your most valuable asset is your integrity and that's exactly what we'll talk about in this article, we'll show you how to lead with vision and values.

The leader, or the one who wants to become, has to be trained and improved. To be a good leader you must be aware of who you are and what is important to you. When you know yourself and what you stand for, it's much easier to make decisions and act.

Reasons to lead with vision and values

  • Having a value system will help you navigate a complex and changing world.
  • People have been proven to like working for leaders who guide with their values and share their inspiring vision of the future.
  • Having a value system allows you to build a culture of trust, transparency, health and positive.

How to lead with vision and values


Let's look at some of the main values or characteristics of the leader that should be transmitted.

Define your basic values

The first step in guiding others with your values is to define what your basic values are. Examples of values are: quality, reliability, autonomy, perseverance and humor. You can have many values, but focus on a few who are the cornerstone or polar star of your leadership.



Passing trust to your work team, superiors, and other contacts will cause people to think of you as a trusted person.

When leaders do what they say, employees consider them credible and trustworthy. This increases morale, commitment and productivity.

But you should be careful not to fail in this value, this will cause mistrust, skepticism and underperformance among your team members.

Empathy and self-control

Showing self-control in adverse situations should be a value to consider to exercise your leadership. Show a real concern for each team member. A leader understands the environment, both people – for their empathy – and what happens globally.


One of a leader's most effective weapons is the power of communication. With his words and body language it is how he conveys all the values that identify him, always preaching by his own example.

Share your values

It will not be enough to have our values, we must also find ways to share them with the members of our team.

Your values must be evident every day in the things you say and in your actions. Find out how to mention them in conversations and demonstrate them with your efforts. This is how credibility is built, always talking about values and then doing what you say.

Share your vision

When you have your values well established, look for the vision that inspires you and then share that emotion.

Don't worry about looking for a big or small vision. What matters is that you are determined and committed to your goal and are willing to pursue your vision relentlessly day by day.

I'm sure there will always be changes, but in the guiding vision and values you must have a sense of persistence.

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